Sreenivasan Muniswamy and Radha Addanki Trust

Mr. Sreenivasan Muniswamy
Mrs. Radha Addanki

A Not for Profit organization which focusses on two main areas of - Health and Education.
SMRATA has initiated two flagship programs - Education for All and Health for All.

  • Education

    The Education for All program aims to help the hardworking intelligent students who got admission to prestigious national institutes, but are unable to bear the financial burden of the fees. More than 150 students have recieved full scholarship with laptops & a dedicated help center.

  • Health

    The Health for All initiative has adopted the MNJ Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad, to provide free world class sanitation and security. This is aimed to help the already immunocompromised patients and reduce their chances of catching more hospital borne infections.

Education for all - a possibility

It is about time that we build a world where education and access to it, cut through the barriers of privilege. And it is with this mission that Mr Venkat Ramavath joined hands with the Board of Ayurway (an international Ayurveda family wellness centre), to further the dream of providing education to the needy, especially the first generation learners. In these efforts, they have pledged to raise 6.5 crores for over 132 students to take care of their college fees, hostel fees, food, laptops and other expenses.

  • Expert teachers

  • Quality education

  • Community building

Student details and stories


Adluri Shreya

My father's name is Mohan and works as a daily laborer.
I am studying in Indian Institute of Management Rohtak,
and My ambition is to become an entrepreneur


Dharavath Vijaya

I came from a socio-economic backward family and am semi-orphan,as my father passed away
I am studying in "Residential TTWURJC/girls" parvathagiri college in the MPC group.
My aim is to crack gate entrance


Kommu Vinay Kumar

I come from a good family, my father is a farmer and my mother is a Sweeper.
I am studying B.Tech Marine Engineering at Indian Maritime University
My goal is to become Captain of a ship.


Masani Bhavya Sri

My father’s name is bhaskar masani he is a farmer and mother is homemaker
I am studying Bsc Msc integrated forensic science at National forensic science university


Kakati Prashanhti

I'm a single parent child as my parents divorced during my childhood and my mother was a tailor.
I am studying BA international legal and security studies in Rashitriya Raksha University
After completing my studies I will help the SMRATA trust.


Vuppala Bhargavi

My father runs a shop in my village and my mother is a home maker
I am studying B. SC-M.SC(Fs)Integrated course from National Forensic Sciences University,
I am pretty sure that I can make an identity in a short span and to be a part of success in my life.

Our Impact

SMRATA is all about the people of India. We believe in the cycle of life - where if we start with educataion, we are helping open many doors of opportunities for these young Indians, who inturn upon completing education, will be independent and then wilfully help others they can, thus starting a cycle of goodwill. SMRATA aims to be that catalyst which can motivate the youth of this country and guide them the right path. Be it Education, Health, Culture, Food, Technology or even Farming, it is the youth of the country that will take if forward and we strive to push them the right direction.







Health for all Initiative

It is about time that we build a world where healthcare and decentralised access to it, are available irrespective of barriers of privilege. It is with this mission that we have recently tied with MNJ Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad, to provide them with Sanitation, Housekeeping and Cancer Care Support. In seeing these efforts to fruition, we have pledged to raise 16 crores to take care of the hospital needs - so they are focussed on what they do best - heal patients.

  • Sanitation

  • House Keeping

  • Cancer care support

Our Goal

This CSR engagement is inclusive of deployment and maintenance of industry trained staff for Sanitation, House Keeping and Security personnel in sufficient numbers round the clock as per Indian Public Health Standards and other standards prescribed by the State (budgeted requirement of manpower is 130 including all three departments). Also, equipment and consumables of industry standard quality will be utilized in the sanitation and housekeeping of the building.




People Impacted


Crores Budget